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Our Services
Driving Economic Value

This program is specially designed to help companies and promising entrepreneurs like you in driving long-term, tangible economic value through your brand.

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Aligning Key Stakeholders

Our intensive, effective and business-focused process will have your business stakeholders aligned with your company's vision and mission.

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Brand Truth Audit

Whether you are starting a new company or looking to change the process of your existing one, we at Origene will help you on your transformation journey - every step of the way.

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Brand Positioning

From re-branding/relaunching guidance to guidance on retail, customer pricing and positioning, Origene delivers holistic brand positioning exercise that will ensure a strong brand presence.

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Corporate Visual Identity

Align your corporate identity with your core brand values. At Origene, our expertise goes beyond creating logos. We are your one-stop-shop for complete and effective brand positioning.

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Brand Custodianship

We understand your need for a proper brand custodian – like us – that will drive great benefits out of your newly aligned MarCom strategies.

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Who We Are

We are India's leading and one of the earliest communication giants that earned the reputation as one of the stalwarts of the advertising industry. We have conceived several sterling brands in the Indian advertising industry. Our aim is to deliver solutions, opportunities and unique approaches that will impart a distinct identity to your brand.

To bring to the Indian entrepreneur, a solution, an opportunity, a different way to look at the future through their brand.

Our Services Are For

To bring to the Indian entrepreneur, a solution, an opportunity, a different way to look at the future through their brand.

Mid-sized Indian companies- Successful so far – exploring diversification/ new markets/new strategies/ geometric growths.

Indian Family businesses:

Indian Businesses going through flux.

Companies at a crossroad.

Small and mid-sized Indian

Companies who do not employ a full-fledged Marcom department

Indian Corporates that need to build their corporate brands

If you wish to create a presence for a new brand/ company/ vertical/ diversification in the market.

Companies looking at a fresh initiative

Companies / Brands that have not been progressing at expected rates

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Our unique business approach will help you

Unlock the true economic potential of your business

Achieve clarity on the economic driver of the company

Increase customer base and maximize profit

Align your vision, build value and ownership among key stakeholders

Create brands that yield you maximum ROI, far beyond just sales

Get your business future-ready

Develop a plan of action for diversification and consolidation that will lead to effective decision-making

Ensure brand truth audit through our established program

Undertake new initiatives and objectives that will get you future-ready

How We Work


We understand the psyche of Indian businesses – their constraints and opportunities. We help our client sail through the various layers of the Indian business sector.


We focus on unearthing the economic drivers of your business. Our programs are aimed at driving tangible value through a clear and detail plan of action.


We take a three-tier approach to our client's problem, and put into place metrics that will closely monitor their journey towards success.

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