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How We Work

Research shows that more than half of the Fortune 500 companies have undergone some sort of business refocusing exercise in the last 5 years alone. But only 1 out of 5 of these programme succeeded in achieving the desired results. It has either turned out to be inefficient, expensive and confusing.


Origene approached Business Transformation from the client’s angle that is prompt and effective. So that you can gain the most from the programme, that we offer at reasonable cost in a meaningful way.


While initiating we create a proper understanding of their consumer psyche, constraints and opportunities. We do this in every layer, during stagnation whether the company is in, growth stage or in flux. Our approach is very Indian as we live in  the practise. So our clients are always comfortable in working with us instead of those who push down international models of consulting, mindlessly, with a big name to back them.


We provide our client with the best suitable models designed by us at Origene to resolved the toughest of problems. We have a set of model ready for any kind of trouble that your business is facing. We provide our clients with workshops and a complete action plan to achieve measurable economic value.

Value-driven – We focus on unearthing the economic drivers of your business. At the end of the programme, you will have a clear action plan towards driving tangible value.

Insightful – We realize that jargon creates complacency. So to break barriers and to catch the actual meanings and values required, we turn to lateral thinking methods. Our sessions rely on art and other expressive techniques to break barriers and help in visualization.

Alignment – A key to both the success of the programme and for the organisation is that the programme ensures complete alignment of the stakeholders. Our focus is on unearthing and cementing one goal, one philosophy, one plan going ahead.

Long-term – We work with the organization at each level, on a sustainable long-term plan to put into action the follow-up needed.

Measurable – Our guidance and support helps you work towards the future through an organized, phased out plan. In addition, we also put into place metrics to monitor the progress of the plan.

We have a 3-tiered approach to each client problem we work on, with an end to driving economic value :

Unearthing the truths that lie within your organisation through our specially-designed tool called The Brand Truth Audit. Deeply buried strengths of the brand lay mired in confusion, hierarchy, indecisiveness or are just looked over. This step involves the further alignment of key stake holders to bring everyone onto the same page towards the future of the organisation. A convergence on the key focus areas the organisation will need to look into, is the outcome at this stage.

Unlocking the potential within your brand. Once the truth of the brand is decided upon, we help our clients in building the pillars of the focused Corporate Brand including such crucial parameters like the Brand Promise, Value system, The Culture, Personality and Identity. Once again, this is around the handle of economic value, and is meant to drive consumer surplus

Unleashing a measurable action plan for success. The last step is the creating of a store-house for the future. We leave our client-partners with a clear step-by-step action plan to take the learnings further into physical actions. We also put into place metrics that will help you monitor the steps towards success.

Origene is formed with a belief that small & mid size companies can also out pace the MNCs. Provided, there is strategic management in place.  It wants to create an even playing field for Indian companies which has been there for ages, but are finding it tough in the global competitive landscape. 

If any business model does not create any value, it is not the one to go for. Any business consulting firm taking charge of identity-creation would fail, if it is unable to derive maximum economic value.

Therefore,  here at Origene we guide you to recognize your brand’s true economic worth.

We believe that a small budget is sufficient enough to draw efficient results with the presence of strong understanding,  focus and acceptance.

At Origene we try our best to derive the maximum out of the limited resources available at our client’s disposal.

We at Origene have been observing that Indian family businesses and SMEs are poles apart in thinking, attitudes, clients and culture. Therefore, a single model cannot be used on every other unique combination of ideas, culture and  people that make up an ‘Indian business’.

In Indian family businesses, factors like family-ties, professionally differing opinions, traditions, emotions and loyalty play a major role in decision making. They are generally helpful but often hinder the very growth it is meant to serve.

Here at Origene, we intuitively understand that both the personal and professional sides of Indian family business are at  work, in its framework and decision making.  At Origene, we love to thrive and build on that diversity.

But, still why would you choose Origene?

We believe in In partnerships, not advice.

In working with every level of the organisation, not just with a department.

In getting a buy-in, and not forcing a top-down approach.

Origene uses lateral thinking tools and creative workshops to get at the deepest truths of the brand.

We have been making success with this belief for a few decades.

Origene believe every enterprise has some hidden values which as an aggregate, are much more than the sales, tangible assets and the cosmetic makeovers. These factors, are often so ubiquitous that they go unnoticed for ages. Origene helps you to unravel, that’s already within you.

At Origene we believe that no business can flourish in isolation so here we are extending our helping hands towards you. We believe that we can learn from each other and grow together.

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