As competition keeps intensifying, businesses across verticals are constantly reviewing their brand strategies. Though numerous marketers promise the moon, not many are really successful in delivering on their brand promise. Conversely, some brands are astoundingly successful in whichever market they enter into. Has the relevance of the brand promise got something to do with this success? Did the efficacy of their brand marketing strategy play a critical role here? What worked for them is not within the purview of this article; but what goes into a smart brand promise, definitely is!

Stated simply, a brand promise is an oath made to its prospects and customers. It underscores the single most important benefit that a person can experience from the interaction with the brand. Also called the positioning statement and unique selling proposition, the promise statement is not just another tagline crafted by a clever wordsmith…But a one-line description of a brand’s competitive strategy!

In today’s cluttered world of advertising, there are still some brands that have succeeded in living up to their promises. So it’s less wonder that they have retained their promise statements for years. The following brands and their promises are just a few cases in point…

  • Only Harley-Davidson delivers the fantasy of complete freedom on the road and the comradeship of kindred spirits to avid cyclists.
  • Disney brand promise: Only Disney provides family fun through great storytelling which captures the magic of eternal childhood
  • Only The BBC enriches  people’s lives with great programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain.
  • Only Nike, helps athletes maximise their performance right through the agony and ecstasy of winning

What’s the secret behind a successful and sustainable brand promise? How does a smart brand promise benefit a company?

The task of crafting an effective promise statement is definitely a tall order. If accomplished, the results could be awe-inspiring! This exercise should ideally start by answering three brand related questions: What’s the value proposition of the offering? What’s it that makes the brand stand out from the crowd? What are the key attributes of the brand? Zeroing in on a single answer would definitely require numerous brainstorming sessions, a lot of market research and a thorough study of the company that owns the brand.

A brand promise has to be different, relevant and credible. Even after cracking that big idea and capturing the magic in a one-liner, the marketer has to gear up for a bigger challenge––consistent delivery of the promise through the services and products represented by the brand. This initiative can succeed only when the customers get to experience the benefits constantly, and acknowledge the fact that the promise has been delivered. The fact is that the end-user benefit––value for money, convenience, freedom or satisfaction–would eventually translate into enhanced brand value. And when the brand shines, it shows in the bottom line! So it’s a no-brainer that all successful marketers would certainly swear by their smart brand promises.