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Small and mid-sized Indian Companies that do not employ a fully-fledged Marcom department

While the world of business goes abuzz with heavy marketing and sales, the one thing that fails to grab the limelight – despite deserving to top the to-do list of businessmen for bringing along the brownie points of strengthening and reviving their brand name – is Brand Custodianship.

Brand custodianship should be taken seriously in today’s world. A brand needs nurturing to grow big and should be treated as valued assets.


Advantages of Brand Custodian

Here Are Few Of The Many Advantages Of An Appropriate Brand Custodian

A brand custodian looks at things from a brand-centric point of view and informs the company about the required changes accordingly.

Brand custodian also takes care of the consistency, message clarity, correct targeting and brand positioning as the market grows.

A proper Brand custodian builds a strong impact on the minds of the customers, who will in near future be able to connect with the brand and recognise it.

A strong and well organised brand custodianship can help build the brand quickly and easily.

5 top most solutions provided by Origene to build up a strong Brand Custodianship

Origene Brand Custodianship model is a 6-month business focused intensive programme with the company as follows –


We will run a Brand Truth Audit-Research process to determine the position of your brand in the minds and hearts of the customer.


We will review the existing group strategies and market strategies.


We will run a Brand Truth Audit-Research process to determine the position of your brand in the minds and hearts the customer.


We then help create a set of Marcom partners for you which entails interview and shortlisting creative and media agencies, PR partners etc.


We also coordinate advertising and promotionals activities with them keeping in mind the benefit of your brand name and the factors the shall yield better results for the brand

We understand the need of proper brand custodianship for your brand and shall look after all the possible ways to drive the best benefits out of newly aligned MarCom strategies.

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