Are the stakeholders of your business a 100% aligned in terms of your company vision and mission? Are you a family owned business struggling with the typically inherent challenges of family business management?

The cohesion and convergence of vision across your company’s stakeholders – its owners, promoters and managers – is the single most critical step towards driving tangible economic value. If the vision, individual ambitions and the corporate future of your company are at cross purposes, you’re heading towards almost certain failure. That’s why it’s absolutely critical for the stakeholders to articulate a clear vision and mission statement – so that the people within your organisation may imbibe it into their veins as well as those of your organisation. In other words, they should all be driving a clear, singular vision and mission statement with a unified business strategy. It’s equally important for them to be aligned with your company’s core strengths and corporate future. The same holds good even if you’re running a family owned business.

Sure, you already know that all you need is a business consultant – and they’re as good as a dime a dozen out there. But how do you choose the right business consultant for your organisation? The truth is, just about any business consultant can help you either outsource your business management to someone, or adopt a quick Band-Aid approach to get everyone in sync till the next marketing campaign. But what happens after that?

At Origene, we believe that the solutions to all these challenges lie within your company – and that the single-minded focus of the organisation as a whole should be on driving wealth through its brand. We’re among the top consulting firms in India, and cumulatively have over five decades of experience addressing these very niche challenges inherent in Indian family business management. We’re not just another business consultant aiming to fix the next roadblock in your short-term growth plans. We function on two basic beliefs – that the economic value of your organisation lies within itself, and that the path to unleashing it is not a short-term plan.

While nearly any business consultant in the industry can help you conceptualise and implement short-term growth plans, at Origene, we do things differently. We adopt a holistic approach to unearthing your company’s value and unleashing growth. We think beyond individual, sporadic and seasonal campaigns, and focus instead on the ultimate goals you wish to achieve as a company.

This in itself takes considerable expertise and sensitivity in terms of first aligning the key stakeholders towards your company vision. We help you take that single, most critical first step towards unlocking the economic value of your organisation by effecting a seamless integration of individual ambitions and arriving at an aligned company vision. This helps chart a clear future path for the organisation as a whole, with no room for ambiguity in terms of roles, responsibilities or interests.

Our process is intensive, business-focussed and effective. The result is a strong convergence towards a unified business strategy aimed at realizing the company’s core vision. Being a business consultant focussed on holistic solutions, Origene leverages a constructive vision and mission focussed approach to learn from the business success factors and strategies of business promoters and help newcomers understand the key strategies that helped build the organisation that they are a part of. Thus, we help forge a business-focussed, vision-aligned platform, which in turn sets the foundation for the company’s culture and value system.

It is precisely this holistic outlook and approach that has placed us among the top management consulting firms in India today.

This programme is relevant for:

Indian family businesses – if you are a family owned business or a small/ medium-sized enterprise (SME) at a business-critical juncture wherein you’re passing the baton to the next generation, or if your business is governed by both family members and external professionals, resulting in divergent pulls in terms of strategic thinking.

Indian businesses – if you are an Indian business looking at establishing yourself against mammoth MNCs, or if you need to undergo a transformation.

Companies/ brands at a crossroads – if you are at a point where you have to take decisions on rebranding or business strategy overhaul, or you simply need to focus on the areas of your business that have an impact on your corporate future.