Does everyone see a different path for the company?

Do the people who own, promote or manage your organization see the same vision, agree on the core strength and have the same future objective for your corporate? Or are different family members and professionals splitting the visioning and functioning of the company in different directions, based on their individual business strategies?

An intensive, business focused workshop to get the key stake holders – owners, promoters, management aligned to a single vision ,will help articulate each of their dreams for the corporate’s future, and converge them to a unified business strategy.

The single most critical first step towards unlocking the economic value of your organisation is a seamless integration of personal and professional ambitions to arrive at an aligned vision and chart the future path with a clarity on roles in the larger organisation.

As Indian business consultants, we believe this constructive programme explores the business success factors and strategies of the promoters and learnings from their journey. This helps new-comers understand the key strategiesthat helped build the organisation in the first place. As a consequence, a business focused, vision aligned platform is built in, formulating the culture and value system of the organisation as well.

This programme is relevant to:

Indian Family businesses:
If you are a family business or an SME at a business critical phase where the baton is passed from the existing to the next generation or If your business is governed by both family and professionals, which see divergent pulls in strategic thinking.

Indian Businesses going through flux.
If your business is going through a change of ownership/ top management/ key stake holders within the company.

Companies at a crossroad.
If you are at a point where you have to take decisions on rebranding, business strategy or simply need to focus the areas of your business which will impact the future of your company.