Are all your Marcom activities aligned and driving your corporate philosophy?

As an Indian business or small to mid sized company (SME), are the elements in your communication, marketing strategy, promotions, events all working together to drive value for your brand? – Or does it seem that they are all working in silos? Do different agencies handle different tasks, thereby hampering an alignment of vision, as well as undermining the organisation’s economic value

The Brand Custodianship model is a 6-month business focused intensive programme with the company, which starts with developing a vision and then an aligned Marcomstrategy, including HR hiring and profiling. Post a positioning and alignment exercise, as well as a review of the existing group strategy and marketing strategy, we run a Brand Truth Audit- Aresearch process to ascertain where your brand really exists in the consumers minds and hearts. We then help create a set of Marcom partners for you which entails interviewand shortlisting creative and media agencies, PR partners etc. We help coordinate the advertising and promotional activity with them, keeping the focus on your brand and on the value that it should drive for your business. The end result is a business focused, vision aligned MARCOM strategy and execution across all communication agencies or vendors, and clear metrics for their evaluation.

This partnership focuses on the brand as a business driver, and that, is Origene’s biggest advantage as Indian family business consultants

This programme is relevant for:

Small and mid-sized Indian Companies (SME’s) who do not employ a full-fledged Marcom department or are looking at Senior Marketing Professionals, and those innovative enough to see a solution which bridges this gap.