Does the market recognise your brand's value?

Is there a gap between perception and reality? Is your brand strategy consistent in the way you see it internally throughout the organisation and the way it is perceived in the market, among peers, recruits, retail etc.? Is there something hindering performance or preventing you from unlocking the potential economic value of your organization which you cannot figure out?

A 360 degree audit which works with customers and clients to understand how each of them sees your brand, and how we can align different perspectives to your focus areas of business. It clearly identifies gaps in perception vs reality in your group and marketing strategies and enables you to recognize the pillars on which your brand stands. It provides a clear direction to build upon.

Depending on the requirement this would also include research on retail, purchase habits, and customer buying behaviour, consumer insights , incentives, schemes which work and which don’t.

This programme is relevant to:

Indian Businesses and SME’s looking at a fresh initiative:
If you are contemplating a new market exploration/ New product launches/rebranding or even relaunches.
Companies / Brands that have not been able to unlock their economic potential at expected rates:
If your organisation has been stagnating/ languishing/ performing at less than its potential.