Does your logo – your corporate identity – reflect your core values?

Does your logo serve as a strong visual identity that is distinct enough to achieve competitive differentiation in the crowded market? Is your present identity doing justice to your corporate philosophy and in turn, your value proposition and brand promise? Does it help unlock the economic value of your brand? Is your logo clear in terms of what it stands for, or does it leave customers bewildered about what to expect? How easily and effectively can your logo be adapted to varied placement requirements? Are the colours overwhelming, or are they pleasing to the eye? How consistent is the appearance of your logo in varied marketing collateral?

A logo is the face of a brand, the first element of a corporate image, and one of the biggest factors that aids and promotes brand recognition. Simply put, it’s the first step towards creating brand equity. When designed accurately, a logo can become one of the most powerful assets of a brand – the most critical part of an effective brand identity and brand strategy. However, corporate logo design is a complicated process that goes much beyond mere graphic design – which is all you’ll get from most branding companies. However, judicious logo design involves the application of as much plain, sound logic as a whole gamut of graphic design rules.

Therefore, our focus at Origene extends far beyond merely creating a logo. Post acquiring a complete clarity on your brand positioning, we not only provide you with the perfect visual identity for your brand, but also put together a corporate brand manual (brand bible).This serves as a guide for the overall marketing strategy and all future marketing efforts, and also includes brand guidelines that ensure consistency in the appearance of the logo and all associated brand literature. In short, this is a comprehensive exercise that covers all the aspects of your brand. The outcome is a complete business transformation – a clear, purposeful and consistent approach to everything you do – right from day-to-day internal operations to external communication.

This programme is relevant for:

Indian businesses and SMEs – if you need to build your corporate brand (from ground zero, by picking up from an earlier failed attempt, or to eliminate existing confusion).