Is your present identity reflecting your corporate value?

Do you have a strong, sustained visual identity that is differentiated from others in the market? Is your present identity doing justice to your corporate philosophy and helping unlock economic value. Or are the different elements of your corporate communication and marketing strategy working at cross-purposes?

Post a complete clarity on positioning, we undertake creating a visual representation of your brand, and putting down a corporate Brand Bible, to use as a guideline for future marketing efforts and marketing strategy This is a comprehensive exercise that goes beyond a brand manual, covering guidelines on all aspects of your brand. The outcome is business transformation helpingyou achieve consistency across all that you do – visually and in day-to-day operations, clarifying doubts and avoiding risk of confusion or subjective opinions diffusing your identity.

This programme is relevant to:

Indian businesses and SME’s that need to build their corporate brands, from a zero presence or from an earlier failed attempt or from existing confusion. A strong visual identity helps the brand be aligned with a certain value in the customer’s mind, and if your corporate has not been doing that, you need this programme.