Can you nail your brand positioning the first time?

If you get your brand positioning wrong, there’s really no such thing as a second start in the business world. In today’s times of heightened brand visibility and awareness, you have no option but to get your positioning right the first time. Brand positioning – the first step of the branding process – is the glue that not only holds the entire marketing strategy of a brand together, but also determines the direction that it has to take (in other words, the overall brand strategy).

As a business owner, you face many tough decisions every day. For instance, what new ways can you find to cut into the market? To survive and overcome competition while also building customer relationships that stand the test of time? How can you carve a strong brand identity that is also relevant enough to be passed on to the next generation of business owners? And what about brand salience? Do you have a strong enough brand salience to survive the competition of new/ global brands and remain the preferred choice among loyal customers? Or have you been struggling to gain market share back? In other words, has your organisation been able to unlock its economic value and leverage it to its full potential, capturing the market share that it deserves? A strong brand positioning strategy provides a crucial foundation to base these decisions on, while ensuring that they’re all working towards a common goal – the brand promise, the brand’s USP, its distinct value proposition.

While nearly any branding agency can help you answer one or a few of the above critical questions, there’s no one out there who can help you solve all of them to create wealth for you. At Origene, we approach the branding process through a business lens, holistically. The key to identifying the perfect brand positioning involves many steps – identifying your USP, for one. Next, you need to check if your brand promise is aligned with your brand identity, and even your business strategy. Once that’s done, Origene leverages several proprietary techniques to arrive at the various factors (including internal and external market-related factors) that help identify the niche in which your brand best fits, who your target audience should be, and your overall brand framework – which then guide the rest of your brand marketing activities.

The Origene brand positioning exercise is a holistic, thorough process that delivers crucial rebranding/ relaunching guidance on retail, customer, pricing and positioning parameters, ultimately driving a strong consumer surplus. We help you define, position and differentiate your brand to maximise brand salience, brand preference, brand loyalty and brand advocacy – not just in the short term, but in the long run as well. What’s more, we draw up a concrete action plan, including setting of objectives, strategies and evaluation criteria, to analyse and measure brand performance over time. The result is a strong overall brand strategy and framework that serves as a basis for all future marketing activities.

This programme is relevant for:

Businesses considering launching a new product, or relaunching/ rebranding old products – if you wish to position a new brand/ vertical/ company, or are considering diversification in the market. This programme works at either a corporate or a product level.