Will you get your positioning right the first time, because there is no second start?

Can you find newer ways to cut into the market? To keep abreast or ahead of the competition?To establish a relationship with your customers? To carve an identity which is ready for the next generation of business? Or Does your brand had a strong brand salience. In the recent past, competition has invaded the market, and newer brands or global leaders have taken over market share. Have you been struggling to regain your share? Are you crunched on budgets?

Has your organization been able to leverage its full potentia, unlock economic value and capture the market share it deserves? What is stopping it from doing that and what could you do to put it back on course?
At a corporate or brand level, using copyrighted techniques, we arrive at different factors including internal and market ones, in order to find the niche where your brand best fits, who your target audience is and the framework of your brand, which then acts as a guiding light, vis-a-vis hires, distribution, promotions etc.

This programme delivers our turnkey advice for rebranding/relaunching, on retail and customer, pricing and positioning parameters, all of which ultimately goes to driving consumer surplus.

This programme is relevant to:

New Launches/ relaunches:
If you wish to create a presence for a new brand/ company/ vertical/ diversification in the market. This programme works at either a corporate/ product Level.