Competing against international companies with deeper pockets?

Are you a small to mid-size (SME) Indian company forced to compete with an international company, with bottomless spending budgets?
Or isn’t your brand value doing its share in adding to your overall enterprise value, in order to negotiate better deals?
In an unlevel playing field, an Indian company’s cost of acquiring finance is over 14% compared to its international rival’s of 2%. Without huge budgets, can effectiveness be achieved?
This programme has been especially designed to help Indian Entrepreneurs drive long term tangible Economic Value through their Corporate Brand. It enables the stakeholders to monetize the hidden economic value that lies within the organisation.
Delving deep into the business’ core, the programme starts with a Brand Truth Audit (an audit that maps where your brand lies in the minds and heart of your key audiences vs what you believe your brand to be). This is followed by a 3-5 day Intensive workshop among stake holders, and continuing on a monthly follow-up basis for the next 3 months.

The 3 Step approach to driving Economic Value is:

Unearthing the truths that lie within your organisation through our specially-designed tool called The Brand Truth Audit. Deeply buried strengths of the brand lay mired in confusion, hierarchy, lack of an aligned vision, indecisiveness or are just looked over. This step involves the further alignment of key stake holders to bring everyone onto the same page towards the future of the organisation. A convergence on the key focus areas the organisation will need to look into, is the outcome at this stage.

Unlocking the potential within your brand. Once the truth of the brand is decided upon, we help our clients in building the pillars of the focused Corporate Brand including such crucial parameters like the Brand Promise, Value system, The Culture, Personality and Identity. Once again, this is around the handle of economic value, and is meant to drive consumer surplus.

Unleashing a measurable action plan for success. The last step is the creating of a store-house for the future. We leave our client-partners with a clear step-by-step action plan to take the learnings further into physical actions. We also put into place metrics that will help you monitor the steps towards success.

This programme is relevant for:

Small to Mid-sized (SME) Indian businesses competing with global entrants.
In this uneven playing field, where interest rates, cost of money and deeper pockets give global entrants an unfair advantage, we champion the cause of Indian businesses. We don’t need a large hammer. We use sharper nails.

SME’s – Successful so far – exploring diversification/ new markets/new strategies/ geometric growths.
If your company is operation in new locations or getting into new offerings, the Corporate salience gets diluted and offices, people, departments work in silos. We bring the variants into a Gestalt whole, to create one cohesive corporate brand, which works stronger than the sum of its parts.