Part of a Communications Pioneer

The MAA Group, head-quartered in Bengaluru, is one of India’s earliest established communication giants, having earned its reputation among the stalwarts of the advertising industry, created sterling brands and had many famed names in advertising pass through its portals.

The Origin of Origene

Created from the words ‘origin’ and ‘gene’, Origene delves into the very genetic make-up of your brand. It is a constant reminder that we need to understand the DNA of your business in order to drive economic value for your enterprise.
“In our daily interaction with clients in the communication arena, we realised that much of the offering was at a cosmetic level – a brand had come to mean its outer look, its packaging, imagery, logo – and that is the brand identity that was largely on offer. Nowhere was there accountability from the consultant, nowhere was there a focus on economic value. Origene, we created, to fit into this vacuum. To bring to the Indian entrepreneur, a solution, an opportunity, a different way to look at the future through their brand.”
– Mala Dhawan.

The Management Team

Bunty Peerbhoy, Chairman, MAA Group

A revered name in the Indian Advertising diaspora, Bunty Peerbhoy has, for 40 years, captained the MAA ship, and its allied companies towards increasing successes. A second generation entrepreneur, a winner of numerous awards, and a communications guru, he is a blend of the vision and maturity that have gained the group a number of big clients, with an instinctive adapting to change and the future, and a leap into sunrise industries. Bunty Peerbhoy brings the much-needed clear focus on business results to each of his clients, individually. And being an entrepreneur himself, has an uncanny understanding of the psyche, and requirements of other Indian businesses.

Mala Dhawan, Vice President, Origene

Mala Dhawan has a successful career in Advertising and Strategy, across India’s leading businesses. She brings this 20 year in-depth experience working with both Indian and International brands – that span FMCG, Fashion, IT, B2B businesses, Start ups, Consumer durables, Healthcare and Travel – to create the very special offering that is Origene. After research and experience in the brand-building arena across various international models, she has brought the most pertinent of it all to design the Origene model, which caters uniquely and successfully to Indian entrepreneurs.

The Group Companies


  • MAA Communications, 6 working branches, and 3 verticals
  • Dakshin, South-specific advertising,
  • MAA Wellness, in the area of healthcare
  • TURN ON – Experiential Marketing

Direct Marketing

  • Sabre Marketing, including Sabre Digital