To even out the playing field for Indian companies who compete with multinational giants.

We believe that without economic value, no business consulting or identity-building model is complete, or indeed, effective. Origene is a proprietary tool especially developed to help unlock your brand’s true economic worth.
We believe that effective results can be achieved within smaller budgets, if understanding, focus and acceptance are achieved.

Origene is not among those consultants who advocate a large hammer, but those who recommend a sharper nail.

We believe that Indian family businesses and SME’s are continents apart – in thinking, attitudes, clients, culture – from international ones. The same model cannot be imported and used on this unique conglomeration of ideas and people – the Indian business. Here, factors like family ties, professional differing opinions, traditions, emotions and loyalty affect day-to-day business, as well as long-term growth, and often hinder it. Origene work within this framework.

We believe in the long-term. In partnerships, not advice. In working with every level of the organisation, not just with a department. In getting a buy-in, and not forcing a top-down approach.
We believe that within every such enterprise is a hidden value – far beyond sales, tangible assets and cosmetic make-overs. It can go decades without ever being recognised.

We believe that often this value is so deeply entrenched that traditional methods will not prise it out. Origene uses lateral thinking tools and creative workshops to get at the deepest truths of the brand.

10 Reasons to choose Origene
  1. To unlock the economic value potential of your organisation beyond its stated value (To ensure your Economic Value is far beyond Enterprise Value)
  2. To achieve clarity on economic drivers of the business
  3. To bring about alignment of vision of key stake holders
  4. To navigate a clear direction which is the guiding force for all business decisions including diversification and consolidation plans
  5. To future-proof the business against the vagaries of the market and prepare them for the next generation of business.
  6. To ensure complete ownership and commitment among key stake holders
  7. To chart out the next steps, and clear measurable objectives for the future
  8. To follow through with an in-depth Brand Truth Audit
  9. To help you create a brand that can be leveraged to maximise returns, far beyond just sales
  10. To leave you with a plan to maximise and monetize consumer surplus.